Terry Grundy
Terry GrundyPrincipal
Insync in Association with Press Ganey Australia/ New Zealand and Asia

Terry has been at the cutting edge of healthcare experience in the Asia Pacific region for over 25 years. He is Principal of Asian Business for Insync Health, the regional licencee for Press Ganey, the world’s leading company facilitating patient experience assessment with over 41,000 client facilities across 18 countries. Internationally 158 million patients, employees and doctors receive a Press Ganey survey each year. (including 6.5 million telemedicine patients so far in 2020).

Many of the world’s recognised high performers (including 512 of the 524 Magnet hospitals) engage Press Ganey services, so Terry has valuable insight into world’s best practice and the latest trends in patient experience assessment and improvement. Terry’s experience in assessing, coaching and guiding success every day with healthcare organisations, puts him in a unique position to present an evidence-based approach into the key factors that create and sustain excellence.

Terry’s previous experience includes Partner of Studer Group Australia, a world-renowned healthcare culture change organisation, Director of a specialised home oncology business and Director of 2 companies promoting medical tourism into Australia.